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Solange Leon Iriarte

.. is a Scottish - Chilean artist and interdisciplinary designer working in Sussex, often outdoors in unforgiving conditions. Her architectural training strongly influences her work and her passion for drawing. She feels the liveliness of line work helps her weave the complexity of the movement of both subject and space, capturing the distinct feel of a place. Her dedication and loyalty to subject is evident in each intense mark. Incorporating atmosphere, line and technical skill, her works are immediately recognisable and are found in many private collections. Her MA in Sustainable Design introduced her gestural abstracts, focusing on opacities, interdependence, balance and our relationship to Time and the environment. Her work was awarded a DYCP grant by Arts Council England to continue her environmental artistic research with organic chemistry & sustainable practices. Solange is on the advisory board of Forests Without Frontiers. 

DYCP Arts Council 'Towards the Light' - Bluescapes.

Supported by Arts Council England, these artworks explore concepts of sustainable time and duration. They are made using biodegradable materials and organic chemistry - cyanotypes and photograms. They examine the balance between that which needs to last or leave no trace on the planet and explore concepts of complexities, opacity, movement and interdependence. A return to light working from the dark hours of the night.

DYCP Arts Council 'Towards the Light' - Organic colour & 'The Methodology of Mistake'

Explorative work generously funded by ARTS COUNCIL England, including The Sustainable Darkroom London and Leeds & ONCA gallery in Brighton. With gratitude to all those artists who taught me and inspired me along the way,  and whose ideas and views are intertwined here with my own. Thank you. Special thanks to rare textiles collector and Renaissance woman Esther Fitzgerald and to the incomparable pen and mind of writer Holly Dawson. To all my friends who cheered me along the way, thank you. I have learnt infinite amounts. What a privilege. Watch this space for more to come....

Cyanotypes, Anthotypes, Toning, Natural bleaching, Staining, Pigments, Tinctures and mixed media.

DYCP Arts Council 'Towards the Light' - AppleOak Fibers

AppleOak Natural Fabrics, County Clare, Ireland. Slow sustainable Artist practice. Creating organic durable paints from dried lake pigments with Alum extraction, from dye lakes,  colour balance and pH, Iron water, mordants, and fixatives—original Artwork on canvas and paper made with guidance from the extraordinary artist Jennifer Liendhart.

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